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1 Февраль, 2016


History, podslushannye in queues at immigration control ...

Picture this: You stand in line for passport control after a long grueling flight, You can barely keep your eyes open, and suddenly the employee asks you an unexpected question.Это именно то, what happened to these five travelers, who shared their very interesting experience, received at the airport, which can serve as a good illustration of the topic: «What is the most interesting question you asked immigration officers at airports?»

So, enjoy the curious stories.

History Of Radzhav Govind Jha

U.S. Immigration Officer at Abu Dhabi Airport: «Why are you going to the USA?»
I am: «I'm going to get a PhD degree in Syracuse., New York State.»
Officer: «Isn't it too cold?? How long you will be there? »
I am: «Yes, This is so! I'm used to it. I'll have to stay in the country for four years or so».
Officer: «Do you know, something about string theory?»
I am: «Not so much, A little.»
Officer: «In how many dimensions we live in.?»
I am: «By now adopted four physical theory, superstring theory: 10.»
Officer: «Ten? Why we don't see them? »
I am: «Because, These dimensions are very small!»
Officer: «Well, so do something, so that we can see them! Happy Flying » – Stamp in the passport.
I am: «Thank you».

The Story of Rupert Baines



I arrived in Canada for the first time in the summer. I was greeted very unperturbed., concise immigration officer.
«Drugs have?» -No
«Weapons?» – No
«Spray?» – «Ohhh. No. What. What for …? It is illegal to? «(Begin to feverishly figuring out, What I did wrong?)
«Take it (Passport). You will need a. Pass», сказал он, with the same stone face and bored widow.
Another time I came to Canada in the winter, I wasn't wearing any winter clothes. Maybe I looked a little frozen., coming from a warm San Diego. I met the same half-dead, concise immigration officer, with the same issues: «There are drugs?» – No
«Weapons?» – No
«You have other clothing?» Again, It was asked in the same unruffled.
«UH, No … Sorry I lost my temper, but simply … GM,» I replied.
«Unfortunately, I can't let you enter. You'll have to go back there, from where you came».
«Wow … ? But … I am … A what ?! «"I said.
«FAK Yu. You can enter the country. But you should buy yourself a coat – I don't want your death to be on my conscience». Again, it was said with a completely unflappable, bored view …

Author: Kate Schneider, Translated: revision site:http  ://

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