Nuances of obtaining an Australian visa for citizens of Ukraine

6 February, 2022

Topics, who plans to temporarily or permanently move to Australia, it is worth using the services of our agency. Why?

  1. We work at a professional level, we are engaged in the execution of documents with the participation of the Consulate.
  2. We help with visa processing.
  3. We prepare for the interview at the Consulate.

What we offer?

  1. If the applicant has an invitation, we save him from standing in queues, if necessary, we make correction of the submitted documents.
  2. If there is no invitation, then we can assist in the preparation of a tour or visa.


What you need to know about visas?

  1. They come in different types., which directly depend on the time of stay and the purpose of the stay. There are three main categories, which include:
    • - short-term visa type C;
    • - transit visa of types A and B;
    • - national visa (type D).
  2. The most frequently issued visas are type C visas. They are made for visiting., for work or for the purpose of visiting the state for sightseeing.
  3. Tourist visa is granted:
    • - wishing to visit family and friends;
    • - order, who plans to see the best and memorable places of the country;
    • - Students.
  4. In the first two cases, the document is provided for a period of time 1 Year, and in the case of training, its effect is 3 Months. It's important to know, that those who have received this visa do not have the right to do business or work in the country. And after the expiration of the validity period, the country must be left.

  5. Transit Visa. Moving across the country's border (even without going beyond the transit area of the airport) without a visa is prohibited. Therefore, the term for 3 A visa of transit type is issued free of charge. However, it is worth considering the fact, that the extension of the validity of this document is not provided for.
  6. Also, visas to Australia are single-entry (for one trip) and multiple. The latter are issued for a certain period, and the number of trips for this time is not limited.
  7. Foreigners and topics, who was previously a citizen of another country, a special additional check must be carried out before obtaining a visa.

How long does it take to obtain a visa?

With the assistance of the embassy, the process takes up to 3 weeks. Issuance of a visa for a certain period of time (multivisa) is possible only by official invitation. You need to know, that by private or tourist invitation a visa to the country is issued once.

What documents you need to collect to obtain a visa to Australia?

  1. Passport.
  2. Special visa application form with photo.
  3. Document from the duty station showing income information, Seniority, Post.
  4. Topics, who is retired, studies at the university or is unemployed, it is necessary to provide the relevant document and the document on behalf of, who assumes responsibility for the payment of expenses and health insurance.
  5. Individuals, who are married, you need to present a marriage certificate.

How to get a visa?

  1. Allowed as a personal presence at the embassy, as well as submitting an application via e-mail. You can also resort to the services of an agent or courier.
  2. In the case of, when the applicant is represented by a trustee, permission must be given in writing, where it will be indicated, that person (attorney, agent) acts on behalf of the applicant.
  3. Reception of citizens at the embassy is carried out in a special Department of Visas and Immigration by appointment. You can sign up by phone at the specified numbers with 9 before 12.30 Morning, as well as by e-mail. In the latter case, it is necessary to take into account, that the response time to is up to 7 Days.

The embassy's website provides all the necessary information.

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