‘Immigration to Australia, Эмиграция из Австралии’

Questions such as immigration control officers, can any confound, Part 3


History Of Ankit Pandey



(In) Suvarnabhoomi airport in Bangkok, Thailand. The immigration officer: The man behind the 40 or somewhere around 50 with a grumpy look, in 3:30 am local time. I am: 24-summer tourist from mainland India is equipped with rather limited information (address of hostel and folded map). Read the rest of this entry »




Unexpected questions of immigration control officers, Part 2

Green photo in passport Mel caused laughter at Sydney airport staff.

The Story Of Mel

«This is a real photo? You look, as Martian!»

This happened a few months ago at the Airport Sydney Kingsford Smith about 6 am. Read the rest of this entry »

Awkward questions immigration officers

History, podslushannye in queues at immigration control ...

Picture this: You stand in line for passport control after a long grueling flight, You can barely keep your eyes open, and suddenly the employee asks you an unexpected question. Read the rest of this entry »

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