‘Immigration to Australia, Эмиграция из Австралии’

What country in the world to go to labour immigrant? In Australia, SOUTH AFRICA, New Zealand, Argentina?




работа инженером в Австралии
In the southern hemisphere too there are countries, who gladly accept immigrants. You want to try your luck? Read the rest of this entry »

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Professional immigration to Australia

In one of his first public appearances Brendon O'Connor, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, recently appointed to this post, said, that immigration into the country on a professional basis is the main focus of Australia's immigration policy.
Many acute social, demographic and economic problems of the country, even, According to the minister, can and should be resolved through a balanced and thought-out immigration policy. Read the rest of this entry »

The quota for immigration to Australia

The Australian Government maintains an annual quota for immigrants programs for professional immigration to Australia.

Skilled Occupations List – SOL - список oсoбo вoстрeбoвaнныx спeциaльнoстeй Aвстрaлии.  SOL список нa стo прoцeнтoв зaмeнил сoбoй рaнee извeстную фoрму 1121i (Form 1121i).

Zayaviteli Firmware programke nezavisimoy professionalnoy immigratsii dolzhny imet podtverzhdennuyu spetsialnost of spiska vostrebovannyx spetsialnostey -, IT'S samy samy pervy glavny and shag at popytke immigrate Avstraliyu.

The quota for immigration to Australia by occupation for 2012-2013 year:

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