Professional immigration to Australia

16 Май, 2013


In one of his first public appearances Brendon O'Connor, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, recently appointed to this post, said, that immigration into the country on a professional basis is the main focus of Australia's immigration policy.
Many acute social, demographic and economic problems of the country, even, According to the minister, can and should be resolved through a balanced and thought-out immigration policy.
It is no secret, which is rather sparse population of "green continent", as well as the negative effects of demographic change society in the 60s of the last century have set the industrial development of the country facing serious shortages of qualified personnel.
Besides, Errors, made in recent years in the systems of higher and vocational education and production managers are forced to use immigrant workers as the main labor force.
However, the existing program 457, providing for temporary visas for immigrant workers, not a complete solution to the problem in the long term.
Temporary visas and temporary work force gives only a temporary solution to the problem.
Immigration on a professional basis in addition to its main purpose – obtaining high quality experts, also opens the way to the completion of the country and members of their families, that the bulk of these are people with higher education, very valuable for the development of Australian society as a whole.
The set of all language courses, adaptation to life in a new country and training, and the ability to use highly advanced medical system of the State contributes to immigrants and their families to quickly adapt, get a job and adapt to modern Australia.
According to the Department of Immigration bulk immigrant gets a job in Australia in the first six months of stay in the country.
Government and Society of Australia is not just passively waiting for new immigrants, but also creates conditions for their rapid adaptation, providing all sorts of legal immigrants, financial and cultural support.




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