What country in the world to go to labour immigrant? In Australia, SOUTH AFRICA, New Zealand, Argentina?

4 Сентябрь, 2015


работа инженером в Австралии
In the southern hemisphere too there are countries, who gladly accept immigrants. You want to try your luck?

So, Australia! This country is located in the whole continent. Live there wonder and contentedly. Mineral resources per capita Oz ranks third in the world. There is work, but some remain unemployed for some months, If you do not want to perform menial tasks. Crime in the country Kangaroo low, the climate is good, but there are some cons. In Melbourne, Australians complain of cold winter. They have not taken to heat the premises. Of course, You can turn on the fireplace or air conditioning, but electricity stands there decently. If you arrive from Ukraine or Russia, then you must immediately memorize, that electrical energy there is expensive, and very expensive. Fruit cheap, Lamb also quite affordable. Overall, Australia vying for one of the best countries in the world for immigrants. But many quickly become annoying exotics, and they again are sent around the world in the United States and Canada, For example. With a list of the most sought-after professions and specialties in Australia you can find on This link on our website.

New Zealand is a lot like Australia, but there are cooler. Work in New Zealand for less, than in Australia, people of sterner. Many descendants of Maori live in this fabulous country. Of course, cannibalism is not there has long, But Maori make indelible impression. In Auckland and Wellington may be good for employment. The country English, and live there happily ever after.



Do you want to, to make it you remember before death? Go to SOUTH AFRICA. When South Africa's apartheid regime was, many Whites lived comfortably. Now the situation has changed radically, Although 2/3 money in the hands of white. In Johannesburg, the easiest way to find a job. Relatively busy Cape Town. But in General, no work for white, nor for black. Highly skilled experts can get, But why do it in South Africa? Better to go into a developed and peaceful country. Crime throughout SOUTH AFRICA just creepy. People are afraid even to go outside. Murder, shooting, rape – normal phenomenon in South Africa.

Город Медоса в Аргентине.If you like cool change your life, then go to Argentina. The country actively immigrants, and you will too with open arms. However, remember, that in Buenos Aires, about half the population is out of work, and if you're going to find unskilled jobs, that will make it quite difficult. Of course, If you have the money, You can purchase housing. Climate in a country very different from the location, from mild subtropical in the North to the pretty cool sub-Antarctic in the extreme South, in Tierra del Fuego – Argentina stretched in the South to the North at 4 thousands of km. With the sea and the mountains from also fine – Here is the continent's highest point Mt. Aconcagua, 6962 m, and the length of the coastline with the Atlantic Ocean is almost 5 Thd. Km., so bathe is where, the truth of the water in the ocean is pretty cool even in the summer. The first impression, that appears to have immigrants in Argentina – this shock, the second – too Shok, but much stronger. Really everything else. As soon as you sit on the bus, to go to Buenos Aires from the airport, you will see the Graffiti Wall houses, dilapidated shacks of slums, and maybe even you immediately want back in their home country, its native bed. However, many of our former compatriots in Argentina like. See also – It is one of the few countries, providing citizenship after only two years of stay on its territory.

Want to go from the House away? Drive, but be sure to grab a ticket to both sides.

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