How could look like the Sydney Opera House

13 February, 2019


Сиднейский оперный театр - знаковая австралийская достопримечательность, но он мог бы выглядеть совсем иначе.Sydney Opera House – an iconic Australian attraction, but it could look very different.

Sydney Opera House celebrates 45 Years Sydney Opera House – one of the most iconic landmarks Australia. Tourists from all over the world flock, to make here selfi, the locals they around him Sunday cocktails, and seagulls with sadistic greed watching their hot chips, left unattended. The idea originated in the famous building 1956 Year, After that, as the then Prime Minister of new South Wales Joseph Cahill announced a global design competition for the construction of the "National Opera House at Bennelong Point, Sydney». Under the terms of the contest, Architects can offer so many different drawings, how much they need. The budget for the establishment of the theater was not limited and could win absolutely any work. Total filed 223 application, including unusual design Yorn's Utcona who won the competition. Below are some color photos, Theatre would look like in real life:

1. Design Philadelphia collaborative group



This is similar to the submarine project took second place in the competition – That is, If we didn't have our beloved Opera House, It'd look exactly. Design, proposed by the Group of seven designers from Philadelphia also was similar in shape to a shell,. But, honestly, We don't like. There's something cold and war. Looks like, cement cylinders above must depart pairs, and far away sound national anthem of the Soviet Union. Did, that only horse in front a little uplifting.

Extension: Sydney Opera House celebrates 45 years and it turns out it could look very different, ч2

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