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30 Сентябрь, 2018


A large part of Eastern Australia was formerly part of new South Wales. Photo: Neon Martin. Source: News Corp Australia

Let's dig deeper into the story and remember how the other States and territories of Australia got their names and how they could call.


In principle, it is clear, where did the name new South Wales / NSW, but it is not clear, exactly how it was received.

First colony, appeared on the continent in 1788 Year, was named new South Wales and once covered all of Eastern Australia and New Zealand.

In their journals of Captain James Cook named the land "New Wales" as a new rapid and lush region of the United Kingdom.

But, in another copy of their journal, Cooke added the word "South" to the name. Why he did it, It is not clear. Whether this was a reference to South Wales, County of Wales, that includes the capital Cardiff? Or, Could be, He was clearly, the new version of Wales was far to the South of the old?




Originally known as Port Phillip district, This regional branch of new South Wales sometime extended as far north as, as Wagga Wagga and Canberra.

In 1851 year district officially broke away from new South Wales, as evidenced by the order, signed by Queen Victoria. In gratitude, the new State was named in her honor.

State flag of Queensland. Photo: Richard Walker. Source: News Corp Australia


Residents North of the Tweed also sought to distance itself from the dictatorship of Sydney and in 1859 year were separated from new South Wales.

As Victoria, the plan was that, to honour her Majesty's mercy, but this name was now busy. As a result, the staff got the name, Квинсленд (Queens land – translated Royal land). Seems to be the same, but little else.

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