Unintelligent plan to rename South Australia: As Western and South Australia got their names, Ch4

30 Сентябрь, 2018


Western Australia was once known as New Netherland Colony and Swan rivers. Source: News Corp Australia


The only part of Australia, that was never part of new South Wales, Western Australia was first named in 1644 year by Dutch Explorer Abel New Holland must be patriotic;.

But the Dutch never laid claim to the land, He was named in their honor, believing, that barren.

In 1825 year here came Britain and in 1829 year formed a colony at the Swan River, where is Perth.

It is so then and became known as the western part of Australia, and under this name she was known until, while in 1832 year was not created the colony of Western Australia.



Meanwhile, the Dutch continued to take Western Australia New Holland until the mid-19th century.


The staff was named in honour of the London-based company South Australian company / The South Australian Company, which in 1836 year founded the shop in Kingskote on Kangaroo Island.

Adelaide was named so in honour of the German born in Queen Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, that was the wife of King William IV. The city was named in her honor in 1836 Year, just a year before the death of King William.

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