Unintelligent plan to rename South Australia

28 Сентябрь, 2018


There is a proposal to rename South Australia in Adelaide, in honour of the capital. Фото: Nick Stilwell. Source: iStock.

Let's face it. South Australia – dead boring title for our fourth largest State. One person is a bold decision that, How should we change it.

Recently published the so-called Plan BIZARRE, the purpose of which is to completely remove from world maps the name South Australia and give our fourth largest state new name.

Instead of its current title of South Australia should be called just Adelaide, the truth is its capital must then will sound somewhat strange – "Adelaide, Adelaide».

Bill Mjurhjed, who is the agent for South Australia in London, a kind of Ambassador, but only for the State of, said, the new double name town could become as popular, as New York, New York.

While Australia has some very soft title States, If everything was different, some of us can now live in New Holland, Central America or even in Families.



Mr. Mjurhjed / Muirhead proposed to change the title as one of the six big ideas for staff, because he received an honorary doctorate from the University of South Australia.

General Representative for South Australia in London, Bill Mjuirhed wants to rename its staff. Фото: News Limited

As the website adelaidenow.com.au, These proposals include focusing only on Kangaroo Island tourism marketing, represents a further and the potential role of the State as a repository for nuclear waste, as well as creating a reality show based on the wine industry.

However, the plan, Mr. Mejrheda change the name South Australia many forced to raise eyebrows.

"I want to say, We really are a city State. But we are on the ground in four times the territory of Great Britain. Why don't we be Adelaide, Adelaide»? »

The author of the text: Benedict Brook. Author's translation: website australia-tour.info

Extension: Unintelligent plan to rename South Australia: The pros and cons, ч2




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