In 1966,. Australian pound was replaced by the Australian dollar

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Most of the residents are living in state capitals, nearly half - around Sydney and Melbourne. The influx of people to cities has not led to a general urban life, even the urban population. With the growth of living standards of Australians obzavodilis own houses and cars.

Most residents chose to live in suburbs, Overcoming long distances every day to preserve the familiar seclusion and slowness. Semi-rural with a lifestyle created Australia's reputation "prolonged weekend». But with 50 's idea of well-being

shifts from the Pacific secured family life to the pursuit of entertainment. Australian society became more educated. The number of students in the 40's and 70's has grown tenfold.

A notable phenomenon political life of the second half of the 60th was the campaign against the Vietnam War, with the participation of trade unions, student and the "new left" organizations, CPA and LPA breakaway Independent Liberal Party.

In 1966 Australian pound was replaced by the Australian dollar. Constantth sign of life in Australia in the 60-70s became the inflation and tax increases. In the mid-60s, these phenomena hindered the growth of living standards, which led to a surge in the strike movement in the mid 60s in the early 70's social crisis worsened - inflation reached 20%, and unemployment - 5,2% labor.

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