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Australian mist




Австралийский мист.
Australian nebularis cat (Australian mist) -very unusual shorthair breed, Was bred in Sydney, Australia in 70-ies of the last century by crossing many breeds. Read the rest of this entry »

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Wild dingo. Dingo ( Canis lupus dingo) – again became the home of wild dog, the only placental carnivore in Australia. Dingo especially numerous in the northern, central and western Australia.

Name «dingo» appeared at the beginning of European colonization New SW. Wales and more likely to happen «Tingo» – term, use native to describe their dogs.

In Australia, the owners of escaped or abandoned dingoes found the perfect conditions for habitat, there are many game, the absence of enemies and competitors, because of this, they multiplied and spread across the continent and nearby islands, without hitting only Tasmania.
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Marsupial Mole

Marsupial Mole (Notoryctes) – kind of marsupial mammals and the only Australian marsupials, leading an underground life appearance. Marsupial moles live in the sandy deserts of central and northern share Zap. Australia, in Northern Areas and the west Yu. Australia, often caught in the middle of sand dunes and river dunes.
The genus of marsupial moles 2 View:

* Notoryctes typhlops.
* Notoryctes caurinus.

they differ only in size and some features of the device body. Regardless, marsupial mole that has been known since ancient times natives, a scientist he was only 1888 G., When livestock accidentally found sleeping under a bush animal.

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