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Bandikutovye (Peramelidae)- A family of marsupial mammals, living in Australia.
Bandikutovye - small animals, living on the earth's surface, weight from 140 g to 2 kg. Bandicoots have long pointed snout, and a compact body, big ears, tail is thin. Hind legs are longer than bandikutovyh front, causing them to move like a hare, claws on front feet used for digging the earth in search of food. Bandicoots are omnivorous,their diet includes insects, small vertebrates and plant material, they live alone and are active mainly at night.

Bandikutovye divided into three subfamilies, hallmarks of which are the shape of skull, as well as different areas of distribution.

Подсемейство Peramelinae
Rhode Korotkonosye bandicoots (Isoodon)
Rod Long-nosed bandicoot, or big noses marsupial badgers (Perameles)

Подсемейство Peroryctinae
Rod New Guinean bandicoots (Peroryctes)

Подсемейство Echymiperinae
Rhode Prickly bandicoots (Echymipera)
Rhode Murine bandicoots (Microperoryctes)
Rhode Tseramskie bandicoots (Rhynchomeles)



Bandicoots have two features, that distinguish them from other marsupials:

3 pair of lower incisors, that integrates with other bandicoots Gang - carnivorous marsupials (marsupial mice).

Are primarily nocturnal.

Bag is well developed and open back.

Fusion II and III fingers, characteristic dvureztsovyh marsupials (kangaroo, wombats and t. D.)

Evolutionary development and communication with other groups bandikutovyh marsupial yet remain a mystery.




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