Diabetes Flying Possum, marsupial, or a dwarf flying squirrel

23 Январь, 2011


Diabetes Flying Possum, marsupial, or a dwarf flying squirrel (Petaurus breviceps) - A small animal unit dvureztsovyh, living in the eastern, North, and South Australia , as well as Tasmania.

Sugar Possum scandent or small flying falanger the most attractive of all marsupials,thanks to the beautiful fur and small size, it looks very nice, and it is often kept as a pet.

Body length possum sugar from 27 to 40 cm,of which 15-20 cm have a tail the length of the, weight 115-160 g adult male, females - 100-135 g. Males larger than females.

Size and shape of the body like a squirrel Possum, his head is short and narrow, small feet, five-fingered foot.

Possum fur sugar, usually bluish-gray, but often, and yellow or beige, there are also albinos. From the nose over the head and across the back is a black stripe. Rings around the eyes chernyk, big ears, the end of the tail is black, underparts are pale gray or cream.

Feature of diabetes possum - set of glands, which he often marks its territory, glands on the forehead, on chest, and the anus. In addition to the secretory discharge, He is aiming urine and faeces.



Sugar possums - nocturnal animals with a well-developed sense of smell, sight and hearing. Possums are active at night, slept during the day in tree hollows, winter possums hibernate.
Possums live in the forests of various types, preferring open forests, where they can plan.

Possums - family pets, hold groups of up to 12 individuals, led a group - male, which marks territory. The area includes several family trees of eucalyptus and defending all the members of the pack.

By the nature of the sugar supply possums are omnivorous, feed on insects, their larvae, lizards. spiders, birds and eggs, summer - the nectar of, Fruit, leaves and pollen.
Possum Sugar can make an extremely long jumps, and thus arbitrarily change the direction of, He can jump from a height of 10 meters and is able to reach a tree which is located on his 20-30 метров, Sometimes the length of the jump can be up and 50 метров.meters

Sugar possums are able to produce sounds from the twitter of birds like barking up a devotee. Reproduction of diabetes possum little studied. Pregnancy lasts 16 days, the female is well-developed case, 3.1 cubs per litter. After birth, pups spend in a bag near the mother's 10 weeks. Young birds become independent from the four months.

Life expectancy of diabetes possum 5-7 лет, in captivity 10-15 лyears




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