Where are the 7 mm oceans?

29 Август, 2013




According to statistics from 2010 and all 2011 год уровень мирового океана начал снижаться, хотя до этого он поднимался примерно на 3 mm per year. Причем снижение достигло в 2010 7 mm, что является абсолютным рекордом за последние 18 Years, когда собственно и появились первые исследования климатологов на эту тему.
Именно в 2011 году в Австралии отмечено резкое возрастание количеств наводнений. Эти два факта, по мнению ученых, занимающихся исследованиями атмосферных явлений, не являются случайными. А имеют вполне определенную закономерность.
Namely, Decreasing water levels in the world's oceans, obviously, occurred due to its evaporation into the atmosphere. And the Australian floods are precisely the result of an increased proportion of precipitation on this continent.
However, why exactly in Australia did the evaporated water fall??
As shown by the research of climate scientist John Fasullo from the United States, The reason was two factors.
The first is in 2011 Eastern Indian Ocean, washing Australia from the west, turned out to be warmer, than in the west of the ocean. As a result,, Warm and saturated with moisture air rose up and in the direction of the "green continent", And the colder and drier western one replaced and pushed it out.
The second is strong winds near Antarctica, which, in normal years, blow over Australia and carry away clouds saturated with water vapor towards the ocean, It was in this year that they shifted much further south than usual, which greatly increased the loss of huge amounts of precipitation over Australia.
But where did the excessive moisture go?, dropped in Australia, You may ask?
And this is where the unique feature of the continent comes into force: to accumulate excess moisture.
In the west of Australia, there are few rivers and precipitation is simply absorbed into the sandy soil.
And in the east of the continent there are rivers and there are quite a few of them, But most of them do not flow and flow into the ocean, As is usually the case on other continents, and into the desert, which is located in the lowest-lying central part of the continent - on 15 m below sea level.
As a result, a closed Lake Eyre is formed, which is filled with water only in the rare years, similar 2011 and is the largest lake in Australia.

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