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4 Сентябрь, 2019


The monks in 16 century recorded a giant explosion on the back of the moon. Likely, it was a big meteor, which crashed into the moon and left a large crater. Ok, that the moon was between us and the meteor!

Look at Saturn's rings. They have been slowly swaying up and down over the years, when Saturn's poles point from the sun. Rings disappear, when their edges are on our line of sight. They are now almost at the widest point and can be seen even in binoculars and small telescopes.

Star, visible even through the largest telescopes, look like just little light dots. But, to take a picture of a star named Betelgeuse (pronounced "juz beetle") astronomers used the Hubble Space Telescope, and now could see the surface of another star. Betelgeuse – red giant star, located in the left shoulder of the constellation Orion and the largest known star in our galaxy.

Not all stars are inside galaxies. Astronomers find stars, moving between galaxies, that are millions of light-years apart. These stars may even have planets, It's possible, with a reasonable life on them. If that were the case, then these creatures could see the sky with only one lone star (own sun) and a few faint galaxies.



The Hubble Telescope photographed images of the auroras on Jupiter and Saturn, very similar to the pictures on our North and South Poles. But if we had such great auroras, How they are, they would cover the whole Earth and even more.

After a tumultuous day of research, astronauts could relax with a nice cold glass of ice water from Mercury, Planet, closest to the sun. Because there is no atmosphere to spread heat, shadows in deep craters at the poles can hold ice, formed as a result of early collisions of comets.

Where comets come from? Huge cloud of objects made of ice and stone, surrounding our solar system, called the Oort Cloud. It is behind Pluto and extends halfway to the next star. These objects sometimes collide with each other, sending one of them to the Sun, to become a comet, like the recent comet Hale-Bopp.

Someday you can go on an ice fishing trip to the moon of Jupiter, Europe. Evidence of, that there is an ocean under the ice of Europe. Ice will prevent ocean evaporation, A huge tide, caused by Jupiter, will keep ocean temperatures above zero. What kind of life could be in such a strange ocean?

The largest crater on the moon has a width 183 Miles.

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