Space tourism to Moon and Mars, Ч3

17 June, 2019


This static image, taken from videotapes of the life cycle the company SpaceX, depicts the "star man", sitting in a cherry-red Roadster is Director General of SpaceX, After, as the rocket Falcon Heavy delivered it into orbit around the Earth 2 February 2018 year.

The era of space tourism is also approaching

Virgin Galactic is testing its SpaceShipTwo manned VSS Unity, that runs from the plane. Seat for space tourist will cost 250 000 United States dollars.

But Blue Origin, founded by Director Amazon Jeff Bezosom, already starts selling tickets to place on their spaceship New Shepard, which is designed to carry six people in space.



And although both of these two vehicles remain in orbit around the Earth, However, they will allow passengers within a few minutes, before returning to Earth, experience the fully mission space and weightlessness.

And, Finally, NASA is working on establishing a space station, which will revolve around the Moon, as a starting point for missions to Mars in the next decade.

NASA is building missile-carrier "Orion" and "space System rocket launch» (SLS) for sending people to fly around the Moon for the first time since 1972 года. SLS will be the most powerful rocket, ever created by the United States. Her first flight of the lunar orbit is scheduled for 2020 год, a flight with astronauts on board is planned for 2023 год.year

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