Flights in space: assistive devices on the ship

29 March, 2019


On the ship there are special spacesuits, where you can go from the vessel in open space. It is necessary to consolidate the outside ship new devices, sometimes for repair work.

Gravity in rotating around the Earth ship virtually no. All items in it must be secured. (A) a person under such conditions the muscles weaken. In order to avoid, on ships fitted with special simulators, you need to keep your muscles in good condition.

Ship, departing in the space, takes a limited supply of food. Means, It must be replenished in flight. To do this, from the Earth to the ship sent cargo ships. On cargo ships, astronauts do not have. They are controlled by radio signals and automatically or with the help of astronauts dock with a ship, the astronauts. Cargo ships bring food stocks and so provide a prolonged stay of people in a spaceship.

Travelling in space could threaten dangerous situations. Suppose, output was accomplished safely in orbit. But "empty space" may constitute a threat to the ship, а, Therefore, and his team. Fly in space meteorites of various sizes. From huge boulders up to Micron particles. But since the invasion into orbit satellites very large meteorites – a rare phenomenon, the main danger of the ship are small particles. So, bombing of such particles of glass portholes will very soon make them opaque. This danger was able to eliminate the creation of special transparent substances, covering glass portholes.



On earth we breathe, do not hesitate to ensure their lungs with oxygen. The volume of air inside the ship is limited. Later, some time after the flight, This amount will be spent. And the astronauts will be at risk of choking. Therefore, in the equipment of the ship has a device, absorbing carbon dioxide during respiration is allocated, and the ship resumed supply of oxygen.

Elements of the spacecraft in space, the strongly cooled, the Sun warmed up. Therefore, in the construction of the ship is metal INVAR with a very low coefficient of thermal expansion.

The outer surface of the vacuum with the satellite goes strong evaporation, especially at the beginning of the flight. To protect optical surfaces from settling particles on them, they are on the first few days of closed special lids. Moving parts of the ship must have lubrication. So she quickly evaporated in space, a special solid lubricant.

The first human space flight lasted just over one hour. All this time the astronaut sitting in a spacesuit, strahujas from unexpected circumstances. And the first ships were such, that astronauts selected men short stature.

But gradually the ships became more, and stay in them cozier. Fly in ship steel multiple astronauts. And on the threshold of the new millennium in space first flew the passenger.





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