Rockets, who are pushing the boundaries of outer space

13 June, 2019


SpaceX launches rocket Heavy D. Photo from the official page of SpaceX in Flickr.

Private rocket industry is entering a golden age, giving a tremendous impetus to space exploration. And space tourism is not far away.

SpaceX, founded by Director of Tesla and space enthusiast Elon Maskom, has shaken up the sector of launch of satellites, doing more 55 launches its Falcon rocket 9 with 2010 of the year.

Thanks To SpaceX, United States again came out on top in the world on launch, by this measure, beating Russia and China.

"Russia, Certainly, was one of the countries, which suffered the greatest losses in terms of market share launch», – said Tom Stroup, satellite industry association President.

Expected, that the number of launches of satellites in the coming years will increase. Never before has a low-orbit orbit wasn't available.



Miniature satellites weighing a couple of kilos you can quickly produce and run at a cost of just a few tens of thousands of dollars.

According to the satellite industry Association, the number of such small satellites, the so-called CubeSats amounted 292 of 345 satellites, running in 2017 Year.

"They are almost disposable», – said Claude Rousseau of Northern Sky Research, explaining, that their service life is about seven years old, and they are easy to replace.

Elon Musk, ceo of Space Exploration Technologies, Speaking at a press conference in 2011 Year.

In the coming months, SpaceX and startup OneWeb want to send into orbit a few hundred small satellites, that would provide Internet access.

Extension: The revival of American space exploration with the help of a private business, Ч2




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