With three satellites, SpaceX lost communication

8 August, 2019


From the first batch of satellites Ilona Mask, consisting of 60 satellites, 3 the apparatus did not come to the necessary orbit, and reconnect with them cannot. Problem not discussed.

So, 24 may 2019g. SpaceX sent into Earth orbit 60 Special Starlink satellites, the main purpose of which is to ensure the world's population access to space Internet connection. A colony was sent satellites into space using a rocket Falcon 9.

At the end of June 2019g. 57 online satellites successfully implementing information transfer from ground stations, but three do not respond to signals. 45 of the remaining 57 satellites are already out for the required orbit.

As reported by the leadership of the Starlink, initially 3 lost satellite established a connection with ground-based centers, but later came out of communication channels. Experts say, that after a while the machines go from Earth orbit.



SpaceX also reported, two more satellites will be Starlink inoperative for the purpose of experimental simulate a recycling process apparatus after the completion of his term of service.

Ilon Icia announces the launch of the project, global space of the Internet at the beginning of the Starlink 2015. Each machine weighs about 386 Kilogram. Planned to run thousands of satellites in different heights:

    1. on orbit 1100-1325 km you will see the 4425 apparatus;
    2. low Earth orbit 335-346 km accommodate 7518 apparatus.

      Speed of information transmission of such Internet communication channel should be about 1 gigabyte per second for each user, regardless of the number of.


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