The revival of American space exploration with the help of a private business, Ч2

13 June, 2019


Crowd at Playalind Beach welcomes successful SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch. 6 February 2018 year. Photo: Joe Burbank

Today NASA is so dependent on the private sector, What else in 2018 U.S. space agency signs contracts with SpaceX and Boeing to send astronauts into space, Starting this year, as soon as their capsules are ready.

NASA has not been able to send humans into space since the end of the space shuttle program in 2011 Year.

Instead, the world's space agencies to buy seats aboard Russian spacecraft «Union», that start from Kazakhstan Baikonur.

"The combination of Government and the private sector has no equal", – said John Logsdon, Professor Emeritus of political science and international relations at George Washington University.

Oddly enough, but it is non-state private companies that are now taking over the functions of launching rockets with constellations of small satellites and thereby reviving American space exploration..

Competition in the Earth observation market is becoming fierce, and many companies working in this field, try to offer their services to military or civilian customers by transmitting photographs of the infrastructure, agricultural areas and military facilities in high resolution.



To meet the requirements of the small satellite market, companies are working on the production of small rockets.

One of them is a rocket., created by the American company Rocket Lab, the launch of which was first carried out a year ago from New Zealand.

Another such company is Firefly Aerospace., founded by a native of Ukraine Max Polyakov. According to its creator, he plans to launch his first rocket this year., See also. in his interview:

Falcon rocket Heavy in a hangar in Florida.

China and India, space programmes which are mainly financed by public funds, also seek to increase the share of this market.

According to a study by Northern Sky Research, This year, China has issued more missiles, than for the entire 2017 Year.

Extension: Space tourism to Moon and Mars, Ч3
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