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25 August, 2014



Ceiling at first glance makes no difference in interior design and is not a key link, However, it plays a crucial role in respect of harmonious perception of rooms. Ceiling drew much more attention, What we expect, so its finish requires carefulness and to some extent the sensitivity.


First of all, it is necessary to maintain the unity of the wall slabs and the ceiling. This serves as a starting point for repairs. This does not mean complete identity in the design, Rather, a combination of textures and colors.




If you plan to use wallpaper as a ceiling decoration, then do not use the same for pasting walls. So the room will turn into a boring and monotonous room. The ideal solution for the ceiling will be the facing of decorative plaster or painting.


Photo from the gallery "Awards of National Architecture 2013".

Also a very popular solution when finishing the ceiling, especially during repairs, are stretch ceilings. They install pretty quickly, do not require protection or movement of furniture to another room, as in painting or plastering, and create a perfectly flat surface, Capable, according to the manufacturers, even protect from the spills of neighbors from above.

A well-thought-out interior and proper processing will ennoble the room and place accents. With defects, they often resort to multi-level ceilings, who can not only hide defects of ceilings, then change the amount of space.


Serious approach to decorating the ceiling will help you not only to March in step with the time, but also to make your home cozier and warmer.

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