Where to go with the children on the day off

24 February, 2020


Now every city hosts interesting events. However, the question for adults is how to spend the weekend, to make the child happy. Here are a few options for the weekend, that will suit as an adult, so do the children.

Weekends at the stables

Every child dreams of coming to visit horses, Touch their warm noses and pat. And even better if the child rides horses.

Visit to the amusement park

It has already become a tradition in many cities, that the parks organize events for children with competitions and prizes. This is a task set before every city administration. You can find games here, Concerts, workshops on different tastes and preferences. Such traditional competitions can also be held here, for example, drawing contest on asphalt.

Attractions and cinemas



Children's favorite pastime is the park with rides and cotton candy. If you're lucky with the weather, you can bring the guys to ride on the carousel, roller coaster and Ferris wheel. Also often in this period in cinemas you can find a large number of cartoons and movies for children. Going to the movies also will not leave the child indifferent.

Family picnic

An unusual pastime will be a picnic in the fresh air. To, to spend time this way, enough to cook light snacks, find warm plaids at home and settle down even somewhere within the city limits in a cozy park area. Here children will be able to play, and have lunch, and just enjoy the fresh air away from the bustle of the city.

Gifts and surprises

Children are always waiting for gifts. The main thing here is to pay attention to the fact, what the child really wants. New T-shirts or sneakers may be suitable for older children. However, often children are waiting for toys, or tablet - here's the main thing to know, what a child really dreams of. All children may have completely different tastes, and it's also worth considering your financial capabilities.

Celebration in the playground

Another idea is the independent organization of the holiday in the playground. You can do this on your own, or enlist the support of other moms. In fact, such a holiday make it a lot easier, than it seems. You can arrange the following activities: give balloons to all kids, hold a sports relay, draw on the tarmac, Look for treasure, etc..

For the sports relay you can find a large number of options on the Internet, And divide all the kids into enough teams and outline an obstacle course. According to the drawings on the asphalt it is best to agree on a draw in advance (it's very difficult to evaluate the creativity of the little guys). The search for treasure is a favorite children's entertainment. It's enough to hide notes with hints, that will eventually lead to a coveted prize. This adventure will appeal to young children, So and so, who's older.

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