Donation: How to become a blood donor?

30 Май, 2020


The development of medicine and all sorts of innovations can improve the health and save the lives of those, who for certain reasons got into trouble and got the status of a sick. Creating new drugs, vaccines and effective treatments give a chance to recover and continue life. Blood transfusion and its elements is often almost the only way out for patients, accident and serious injury.

Hemothrasfusia has been known for a long time. The development of this sphere has been a long one, but by the middle 19 it has become more perfect for centuries, and in the 1920s it reached a new level. It was used in obstetrics and treatment of the wounded. Blood learned not only to transfuse, but canned and stored. At the same time, the world's first Institute for Blood Transfusion was organized in Moscow, that still exists today. Now the relevant points for blood reception are in almost all russian cities.

The donation process is voluntary. In July 2000 WHO has approved a special donor code of the year, which established a number of rules and requirements for a potential donor and his health status. So, any healthy person can become a donor, Reached 18 Years. It is allowed to donate blood as for money, and gratuitously. However, not everyone who wants to give their blood for good intentions can do it. There is a whole list of diseases, where the plasma, blood and its components are not allowed to be taken for transfusion.

If a person is a carrier of antibodies to HIV and hepatitis, if he's infected with syphilis, tuberculosis and other diseases, his candidacy is categorically unsuitable for donation. Also, older people are not considered, Those, weight which does not exceed 50 kg, have certain chronic diseases, elevated temperature (from 37 degrees), deviations in AD indicators, heart rate, etc..



A healthy person, passed all the necessary surveys, you can donate blood on average 4 times a year in number 450 ml per 1 Procedure. As for plasma, it can be rented on average 1 once in 1,5-2 Months.

At the same time, the procedure itself does not take much time (from 1 before 2 Hours), but you need to prepare for it. in particular, alcohol consumption should be eliminated within a few days, smoked, Acute, Oily, fried food, and taking drugs, blood thinners (Analgesics, Aspirin). Smoking too to limit, and on the day of the procedure it is better not to smoke at all. After transfusion, it is recommended to be alone 15-20 Minutes, Taking a horizontal position. This will help to avoid bouts of dizziness and malaise. According to the rules of the donor after transfusion is a free portion of food or dry rations with tea. The next few days should limit physical activity, eat well and drink plenty of fluids, to make up for the lack of it in the body.

The important point is the donation of blood. Donors, who periodically give their blood to treat and recover patients, Special benefits are assigned. So, donated the maximum portion of blood twice in a year, can expect a free ticket to a health facility. There are also discounts on electrical goods, medical services and so on. All of this is written in the relevant program.

A special status has been approved by the Donor Code «Honorary Donor», which you can get, following one of the conditions, namely, Have to:

  • donate plasma in quantity 60 time;
  • donate whole blood and its shaped components in quantity 40 time;
  • 40 once to donate blood and 25 times its components.

Person, awarded badge «Honorary Donor», are entitled to benefits for public transport and utility bills, discounts on the purchase of medical products and vouchers in the sanatorium, free prosthetic teeth, and annual monetary compensation in excess of 12 thousand rubles.

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