In Australia, the new rules of registration packs of cigarettes

13 Ноябрь, 2011


Australian Senate approved the introduction of a typical design for all brands of cigarette packs, but because making a few minor amendments the law will once again referred to the lower house of parliament, however, after the passage of the project through the Senate this stage is considered to have more formal.

Senate approval was the last step in the adoption of the draft law on the introduction of new regulations on registering packs of cigarettes, the new Act should enter into force with 2012 year.

Australia became the first country, which introduced so strict limits for tobacco companies. In June 2011 the year became known, that the company Philip Morris sued the Government of Australia for the development of such a law. The company Philip Morris said, that, in view of the new rules substantially reduce fears of competitiveness, ready to go to court and seek compensation from the Government of Australia and the amount of compensation can reach billions of dollars. What ended the case consideration, still unknown, possibly, as in the United States entry into force be postponed.


The Australian Government, in April 2011 the enhanced   25% duty on all cigarettes sold and launched an advertising campaign against smoking cost 85 million dollars, banning cigarette advertising in the media and on the streets. According to Government estimates, in the country die each year from tobacco 15 thousand. man, and the treatment of disease, caused by smoking, It takes up to $33 billion. annually.

According to the new law,  cigarettes will no longer sell in packs of corporate design. Вместо этого в продажу поступят сигаретные пачки зелено-оливкового цвета, Which one, по результатам исследований, был признан самым неприятным для человека цветом. With packs disappear corporate logos: instead of the same type font on cigarettes will simply brand name. Кроме того, on packs will be sure posted photos from the negative effects of smoking. Кроме того, at least 75% and without that nasty-looking pack will have to take a photo of Moreoverthe human body, affected by smoking or smokers images of children, born with disabilities. On the new packs will not logos manufacturers, brand name will be written in small print with no frills. Also creepy pictures effects of respiratory and other diseases will take 90% back of cigarette packs.

Senator John Faulkner at a recent government meeting, on the problems of smoking, said «If the new design of cigarette packs cause to stop smoking at least one young Australian, I will assume, that our work has been done is not in vain».



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