Older Australians need to be protected

1 February, 2013


Ministerstvo Federalnoe to zdravooxraneniju and pozhilyx delam people silno obespokoeno statisticheskimi dannymi poslednimi, who govorjat o terms, What sluchai zhestokogo obrashhenija slojami naselenija vulnerable in five years poslednie AO Avstralii vyrosli in dual raza.

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Of 1971 sluchaev abuse of senior citizens 1627 cases related to the use of force, 309 cases of sexual harassment.
Age of dying increased by 6,8 % with 2007 year.
The Department of Health plans to begin serious investigations on these cases.

It is planned to introduce measures, which would help to improve the safety of older people. For example, medical profession, caregivers and were dismissed for a bad attitude to his players, should not be allowed to work in this field.

Now health workers, who were fired for a bad attitude to his players, can just go and quietly took a job at another center for the care of elderly citizens.

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