Surgeons have learned from Melbourne to restore the paralyzed hand

25 Август, 2013


Australian surgeons from Melbourne Hospital "Austin Health & Surgeons" was able to restore the paralyzed after a spinal cord injury limb of one of his patients.
While relaxing and swimming at the beach 23-year-old Aussie Australian surgeons from Melbourne clinic "Austin Health & Surgeons" managed to restore the paralyzed after spinal cord injury limb of one of his patients.
While resting and swimming at the beach, 23-year-old Australian Jim Anderson so unsuccessfully undertook a jump into the water, that broke the head on the bottom, spinal cord injury and his limbs were almost completely paralysed. He could only just a little stir with your hands.
The clinic Jim offered to do an experimental surgery to restore the functions of the hands.
The young man agreed, and thus became the world's first patient with paralysis of the limbs, where doctors performed a successful operation to restore them.
After surgery, Jim can now move his hands and brushes, and although not fully, as a healthy person, but Anderson is very happy and this result.



Surgeons from the hospital Austin managed to reconnect work hands on healthy nerve endings instead of those, that have been damaged during an injury. This technique is used for the first time in the world.
The successful operation has created a stir in the medical community.
For many people caught after spinal cord injury confined to a wheel chair or bed, functional recovery of the hands is very important, even more important, What recovery opportunities to walk or other bodily functions.
Such operations are very important, so how can they help paralyzed people to adapt more quickly to a normal existence, will enable them to social interaction and the ability to work and to have a more human living conditions.

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