Держим путь на Мертвое море

14 April, 2015


Купание в Мертвом море. Brian Crisp bathed in the dead sea, He lies down and thinks about Sydney. Photo: Brian Crisp

The dead sea is the lowest place on Earth. And this is just one of its many features, which you can be proud of.

Driving through the Judean desert, the dead sea, It is difficult to imagine, that in the bottom part of the route offers an oasis of rich mineral medicinal waters.

This barren terrain. Around no one blade of grass, no wood. Only the colored layers formed by centuries of sand. The Sun heats my cheeks up to boiling point. I look so, If I swallowed two heads beets and juice seeping out of my cheeks.

In brochures, alluring tourists in this part of Israel, Usually, depicts a woman in a bikini, calmly floating on the surface of the sea, water in which such a salty and dense, that drown in it impossible. Or beautiful shapes of people, glued layers of dirt, which possesses ancient healing properties.

But the place, where we arrived with my wife turned out to be not at all welcoming. We feel like the lifeless desert. In fact, This is similar to the surface at some very distant planet, as the scenes from movies about Star Wars.

As part of the desert mountains, the deepest Valley in the world open to all, and the dead sea can visit all comers, to see the shimmering glory.



White peaks of salt here look like snowdrifts, and clean water reflects the deep blue sky.

History of the dead sea is covered by a secret biblical legends. In the book of Genesis, Moses explains the, How was formed the dead sea, When God said to Lot and his family to leave the area, they were also told, so they are not looked back. But lot's wife could not resist the temptation to, and when she glanced back, It was turned into a pillar of salt-dead sea was born.

The dead sea, at least, three times more salty, than the Great Salt Lake in Utah. And the water in it 10 times saltier, than in the Mediterranean Sea.

The river empties into the Dead Sea Jordan. It has a length of 67.4 km in length and 18 km in width and its deepest point it goes down on 377 m. It borders with Jordan to the East and the Middle East with Israel and the West Bank in the West.

The coastline is not so often overcrowded, as Gold Coast Queensland, but it has similar configuration. The dead sea on the one hand – multistory hotels with another.

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