Купание в Мертвом море, Part 2

15 Апрель, 2015


Эйн-Геди киббуц на Мертвом море. View from Kibbutz Ein Gedi dead sea. Photo: Brian Crisp.

We registered at network "Spa Club Hotel», which, I have to say, has thousands of hotels worldwide, and reputation of the hotels with one of the most bizarre of conditions for their stay.

The registration process was something. It seemed to us, that there's only one person at the front desk., It may just disappear, without saying a Word to you, within a few minutes.

The room itself, It was neat and tidy, but had us ride in uncontrollable attacks of laughter, When we opened the curtains. Instead of, to, see dead sea, We looked at the slab of drywall. There was no window and no view of the Dead Sea in the room..

All the numbers were the same. I can't imagine, that made someone design a hotel, located next to a beautiful patch of water, so, to then not take full advantage of the view.

Anyway, the hotel's flaws were quickly forgotten, When we went across the road and plunged into the waters of the dead sea.

We do not recommended to poke his head into the water, but we waded gingerly past crowds of people coalescing in the mud, who were roasted in the sun on the shore, and just collapsed into the water. We went down first., and then came to the surface, like corks from a bottle.



The water was warm, almost like a bathtub. It is almost impossible to drown in the Dead Sea, tk. salt always pushes you to the surface. It's not easy to even touch the bottom with your feet. Be careful, and don't shave before swimming, because any cuts will sting you due to the strong salinity.

They say, that dead sea water helps people, suffering from psoriasis and rhinosinusitis, and dirt from this area is used for the treatment of osteoarthritis. I have seen many people, lying on the water and covered with mud.

There is also strongly developed all sorts of drugs trade dead sea skincare. Our guides escorted us to the factory «Агавы» and my wife is clearly see a whole bunch of cosmetics, to reset another years 10 from her age. Company «Агава», with 1988 year produces products, designed fAgave8211; local moisturizing minerals and slow down the aging of algae.

We also found time, to visit the Ein Gedi Kibbutz, founded in 1953 Year, where people from all over the world come, to live and find yourself. Some come for a few days, and remain as guests in the hotel, others stay forever.

I met a woman from Melbourne., who has been living in a kibbutz for more than 20 Years, and she said, She has no desire to return to Australia. Kibbutz survives today on tourists and sales of cosmetic products.

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