Top-10 most extraordinary places for rest: Qasr Al Sarab, U.A.E

1 March, 2014


4. Каср Аль Сараб / Qasr Al Sarab, United Arab Emirates

Shade from the fierce desert sun at Qasr al Sarab. Photo courtesy of Anantara Hotels and Resorts.

Appearing in the shifting sands, Qasr al Sarab looks like a mirage on the edge of a huge desolate desert space. External high battlements reminiscent of old fortress. Inside rooms continue to dream of a thousand and one nights with luxurious fabrics, carved Islamic designs, tkannymi carpets, wooden doors and metal structure lights. Museum quality artifacts library came here from the times, When several residents were farmers or Bedouins.

Delve into regional culture, tastefully made resort. Let your hands color with a hone or you will learn about the breed of dogs Saluki, Experience the trip through 300 m height of dunes on camels or safari on jeeps "dunes-bash".



Subsequently, you will find a deluxe dinner by the pool or while relaxing on the sofas above on the terrace. You could even take part in the Holiday of Bede / Bedu on carpets by the fireplace on the sand. This desert resort called Anantara is located only in 200 km south of Abu Dhabi.

«During our visit in Qasr al Sarab, We stood on top of the distant dunes of conversing with Quicksilver Hunter in the fourth generation, While his son was playing fifth-generation next. Observe the powerful magnificent birds was particularly stunning» – Lisa Danford.

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