‘National Parks of Australia’

National Parks of Australia




Australia is the most clean from an environmental point of view, mainland, on its territory there are many reserves and parks, Eleven of whom the United Nations has recognized Read the rest of this entry »

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Tours in Karijini National Park, Part 3

Photo from http://www.karijiniecoretreat.com.au/

Eco-camp / Eco Retreat has justified its assessment. It offers a fine restaurant and licensed as General, and in the style of cabins-luxury tents, as well as space for independent camping. Read the rest of this entry »

Tour in Karijini National Park, Part 2

Trees grow in the most barren places. Photo: Марк Ирвинг

Pete told us, that we were on the site of an ancient sea floor, and some of the rocks around us was 2 ½ billion years. Each layer of sedimentary rock formations in Asia minor apparently has 100 000-years of history.


«It is a fateful country treasure», said Pete. «I love it all, What we have here is. In such challenging times, Karindzhi will provide answers to many questions, We are looking for». Read the rest of this entry »

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