National Parks of Australia

10 August, 2018


Australia is the most clean from an environmental point of view, mainland, on its territory there are many reserves and parks, Eleven of whom the United Nations has recognized территориями, having an exceptional value for humanity. Area, present national reserves, is five per cent of the total area of the continent.

Blue Mountains National Park, located on the 104 kilometers east of Sydney. Its name is obliged to park the blue haze, which is formed over eucalyptus forests and is also an attraction these places.

The Centre is the town of the Blue Mountains Katoomba, through which many tourists commits hiking trails. One of the attractions of the Park is said to be the "three sisters", с которой открываются потрясающе живописные виды, манящие многих туристов. Также в Голубых горах, в реликтовых лесах, сохранились некоторые деревья, возраст которых насчитывает порядка двух тысяч лет. Эти леса ежегодно встречают около трех миллионов туристов, But Australians are very proud of this landmark and believe their national treasure.


Бушволкингом австралийцы называют пешеходный туризм по пересеченной местности, и такой тип путешествий очень популярен в Австралии. Бушволкинг – один из самых распространенных среди туристов способов добраться из Сиднея до Голубых гор. For those, кто не любит пешие путешествия, существует возможность поехать по канатной дороге или воспользоваться самой крутой в мире железной дорогой.

Северная часть Австралии – в тропическом поясе, also contains many national parks, in these places it is found a striking number of unique species of animals and plants.

In Northern Australia, 200 kilometres from Darwin, is a wonderful Kakadu National Park, where about sixty species of mammals, one hundred and twenty species of reptiles and two hundred and ninety species of birds. . Kakadu Park area is twenty thousand square kilometers.

Not far from Perth stretched Namburg National Park, fantastic scenery which ways of imagination. The nickname of this park-"desert penitents sinners". This nickname Park is due to a great number of fossil plants and Sandy strata around them, that an inexperienced eye may easily be confused with the ruins of the ancient city.




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