Kakadu Park

25 April, 2010


Парк КакадуThe park was named in honor of the tribe, "Kakadu", living in its territory and to this day. Kakadu National Park is located 171 km. to the east of Darwin,stolicy Stata N.T., in which the park and is located, is Australia's largest park - an area of 19 000 kV. km.

In 1981 by Kakadu National Park was placed on the List of World Heritage by UNESCO under the number 147, a unique archaeological, natural and ethnological reserve.

On the Park take place two large rivers - Noarlanga Creek and Majdal Creek, and the natural boundary of the park - steep cliffs, up to 500 meters. In the park are two of the most famous caves, with Aboriginal rock art. The remaining samples are considered the best in Australia and among the best in the world.

In Kakadu Park are more than 1700 plant species,fauna is represented 280 species of birds, 117 species of reptiles, 77 species of freshwater fish, 1000 species of insects and 60 species of mammals. This wealth - the result of the geological structure of the Park, landform and the diversity of habitats - from shady swamps and dense forests to the rapid flow of the rivers, and open sunny glades.

The park is home to such wildlife as plaschenosnaya lizard, crocodile, tree-frog, octopus, scorpion, locust, monitor, buffalo, boar, kangaroo and many other.



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