Park Purnululu

25 Апрель, 2010


Национальный парк  Пурнулулу ( Purnululu National Park)Purnululu National Park ( Purnululu National Park) located in Western Australia, it takes almost 240 thousands of hectares. In the language of the Aboriginal Kiya purnululu (purnululu) means sandstone.

Purnululu distinguished a geologically parks Western Australia.In 2003 year for the extraordinary beauty of these places have been made to the UNESCO World Heritage List. nature of this park is almost untouched by man - the closest town to the Purnululu is from 300 km. As the park is a mountain range Bungle Bungle-, who is the most valuable. It consists of quartz sandstone, which was deposited here in the Devonian period.

Sedimentary rocks of the basin Ord formed here 375-350 миллионов лет назад, active when the earth's crust shifts destroy the landscape. One of the characteristics of sandstone - interspersed black or gray and orange stripes. The darker band - permeable layers of rock. They allow moisture to seep through the rock and grow algae. Other layers, in between, less permeable and covered with a patina of iron and manganese, staining layer of rocks in orange. These help to keep the outer layers of the lower layers of the fortresses of the erosion. About 250 миллионов лет назад, This area has experienced uplift due to shock of a meteorite, fallen slightly to the north-east of Pikkaninny Creek. All, that remains today of the meteorite - a rounded top of the ridge. The same erosion, which formed the Bungle Bungle, and sandstones, shifted the crater. million years ago

In the park grow and live versions, belonging to different ecosystems - to dry continental deserts and tropical northern savannas. From the vegetable world are mainly found eucalypts, acacia and Greville. But, Besides these species can also be seen growing ferns, palm trees and orchids. Purnululu of the park you can see six hundred fifty-three plant species, thirteen of which are relict. As for wildlife, then in the Purnululu Park can be found about forty-one species of mammals, twelve species of frogs, and one hundred forty-nine birds, fifteen kinds of fish and eighty-one species of reptiles.

Purnululu Park is not only a geological museum in the open, and environmental and cultural attraction. The area is rich in Aboriginal art objects and places of burial.



Quite a long time the territory of Australia Purnululu Park was not studied in white Europeans, which explains the good preservation of the area at the moment.




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