Travelling in Kakadu National Park!

4 July, 2013


Kakadu Park is considered one of the treasures of wildlife. The park limits the area available for travelers from Arnhem Land, which is populated mostly natives, limiting the movement of tourists.
In this park, area in 20 thousands of square kilometres, hundreds of species of rare live, exotic birds, reptiles, including the saltwater crocodile, and mammals.

Traditionally, the first item on tours through the Park is visiting caves clean up and Norlang, store pictures of ancient Aboriginal. The age of these paintings is a few tens of thousands of years, However, they now have huge Aboriginal ritual significance.



If you want to see a rare kind of crocodiles, living only here, the Park should come in the dry season, which lasts from May to September. In this time of reptiles collected in the Park yellow Waters, where can be reached by excursion boat. Crocodiles usually reach to the vessel, tourists can better consider them.

Another attraction of the Park is the waterfall Jim-Jim with a height of 215 Metres away, that falls to cleanest turquoise Lake. Among tourists, this place is very popular, in spite of the fact, that the water in the Lake is very cold, and the lake itself deep, so bathe there simply cannot be, This place just exudes tranquility. Before visiting this place the same way you must pay attention to the season, and take into account the weather conditions, because in the rainy season falls become unmanageable, and stay there just dangerous. At this time you can enjoy the lake waterfall only by helicopter.

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