Tours in Karijini National Park, Part 3

4 October, 2013


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Eco-camp / Eco Retreat has justified its assessment. It offers a fine restaurant and licensed as General, and in the style of cabins-luxury tents, as well as space for independent camping.

I decided to check out the luxury tent cabin. There's a wooden floor., Electricity, double bed and bathroom with a window.

The window of the tent offers stunning views, when dawn rises over the Hemesley region during the early morning shower.

Pete's tours run from April to November. By April, the weather is getting pretty wet, temperatures are usually, more than 40C. In winter, Usually, Dry, Temperatures are lower, Within 20C, this weather is perfect for trekking.

But at night, Winter temperatures can drop to zero, and there's no heating in the tents. I unfortunately turned down the offer to sleep with a hot water bottle.

After Dales Gorge, we decided to visit other gorges, such as Hancock and Veano. Some of them have cut through artificial steps, in those in which it is not done, will require more stress.

At times, the Hancock gorge was like a hike «Spider walk», there is a complex area along a narrow gorge above the shallow, but a cold creek .

No special effort required. However,, you need to wear wetsuits and reef sandals, to get control of the smooth stones. Everyone loved the thrill, even a member of the group, who fell into the water.

Tourists ventured out for a spider walk in Hancock Gorge. Photo: Марк Ирвинг



And yet as a challenge, Karijini, I decided at Pete's request to take a picture of a beautiful girl in this place. However, there are also some sensational views from the observation decks within walking distance of the parking lots. But what a spectacular view without effort, which make it much more impressive?


Author: Mark Irving was a guest of T-qual.

Как добраться
Direct flights from Perth to Paraberdou up to six times a day. The airline also offers flights to Newman, it's almost as close to Karigini.

Where to stay
Details on the company "West Oz Active Adventure Tours and" can be found on the website: /.

Karijini Eco-Camp / Karijini Eco Retreat ( /) is the only place in the park, providing regular guests luxury accommodation. Offering private campgrounds, as well as 40 Eco-Tents.

Low season from 1 November 31 March of the following year.

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