10 лучших достопримечательностей в Европе: Заксенхаузен, Berlin

7 Ноябрь, 2013


Cappadocia, Turkey. Photo: Wadgei (Фликр).

Nine months ago, blogger, Traveller and photographer Peter Shaw quit his job in Perth (Australia), to go on a journey without an end date.

In these articles, he talks about the places he has chosen, You should not afford to miss while you travel around Europe.

«It was quite difficult to unite together and make a list of 10 the best tourist attractions in Europe.

After all, in Europe very much noteworthy and interesting places, and there are a huge number of excellent seats, which is well worth a visit.

So to my list 10 the worst sights in Europe, Here are some of the best»:

Sachsenhausen concentration camp, Berlin

Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Photo: David Kungsholmen.



This is a scary place. This Memorial Museum allows you to go on the trail of a prisoner camp during the day. Visit Sachsenhausen concentration camp experience is very important for any tourist who is in Berlin, interested in the history of Germany, and in General to any person.


Council: bring sandwiches or packed lunch as dinner and spend the entire day with your audio guide (cheap and absolutely necessary in my opinion thing) wandering through the territory, go through every farthest corner of the concentration camp in order to, to get a strong and unforgettable experience. I spent about six hours at Sachsenhausen and felt, I could easily spend some more, wandering around the surrounding area and incorporating personal stories and tragedies of its inhabitants.


Cathedral Of The Holy Family, Spain

Орвието, Italy


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