20 insider tips and techniques for travelers

17 December, 2013


Some tricks travelers, you need to know.

Pokachivajtes, When your plane hits turbulence zone. Avoid the queues at the airport security line, in which there are children (they will go slower). Always wear tolstovku.

Many people are approaching the time of the New Year holidays, so there's no better moment, to read these nuggets of folk wisdom, noticed by a lot of travelling around the world by a team from Skyscanner.

Here are the top 20 of their best tips.

1. Never wear Vietnamese (On the plane)

I worked for an airline and we were told, never wear sandals on board an aircraft. In the unlikely event of an emergency, It is better to have a good set of durable shoes, that will protect your feet from hot or sharp objects.



2. Keep your mouth shut

If you are in the country, where it is not safe to drink the water, keep your mouth shut in the shower.

3. Pokachivajtes (only a little)

If you are trapped in a zone of turbulence during the flight, try lightly shake your body. No one's going to notice., because everything around is in motion because of the movement of the aircraft. Sounds a little silly., but your movement will counteract, plane movement, and you won't feel overly affected by turbulence . Oddly enough, it really works!


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