20 the best goodies and tricks for travelers, Part 3

18 Декабрь, 2013


Useful travel tips.

This is the third part of the article with a not very well-known tips, but very useful tips for travelers, which shared many poezdivshie around the world, seasoned tourists from one famous tourist company. Start of article here and the second part Here.

10. Hide your guide

If you are in London and want to ask direction, but you don't want to, to people you avoid – hide your guide and map. By the way, in many other countries in Europe, for example in France, Austria or Italy can not do, When plain Guidebook or maps people themselves will stop and you will.

11. Synchronize your sleep

To overcome the breach immediately upon arrival Biorhythm, try to immediately synchronize your sleeping time zone mode. Additional information: How to avoid jet lag (cm. hereinafter referred to as).

12. Hotel – not only "fruit"

Forget about staying in hotels with high price, or in hostels, full of noisy tourists. Apartments or rooms in private homes are exactly those places, where sensible travelers entertained at travel dates.



13. Never stand in the security line, in which there are children

Navigate to the, where are people in "costume". It will move much faster.

14. Always take a sarong

They are lightweight and Multipurpose: You can enclose something for lying on the beach, or to shield yourself, When you're cold, towel, Curtain, skirt, dress, and even emergency bandage.


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