20 the most useful tips for travelers, Part 4

18 December, 2013


Top travel tips.

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15. Invest in noise-cancelling headphones

For the perfect long-distance trip, Buy your headphones with good quality and noise-cancelling function. True price tags on them are quite large, but they cost every penny in them invested, to adjust to a crying baby, snoring men, or knocking teens.


16. Don't give up travel, if you can't bring your friends

sometimes, staying alone can be more fun.

Traveling alone may seem complicated at first glance, but it gives you a chance to truly immerse yourself in the travel experience. I've met friends for life., learned a new language, and had an amazing experience, traveling alone.


17. Be loyal

If you're looking for ways, to get a flight upgrade, then join the airline's loyalty program. Even if it is the lowest level, you'll still get rewarded first.




18. Leave the guide at home

Instead of, to take the original Road Guide or Loneley Planet Guide/ Lonely Planet take a copy of it or, just photocopies of the pages you really need, and then throw them away, After you've used them. It saves space and weight.


19. Take your device ready to connect to the Internet

If you travel for a long time, Take your own device, that can connect to the Internet via WiFi, such as a smartphone or tablet. We don't do that., because we don't want to take an expensive thing on a tourist trip, but it can be so, will be incredibly expensive, Use paid Internet, or it will be impossible to find. However, Many places around the world have free Wi-Fi , and you'll quickly understand, that often you need to press just a couple of buttons, to always have such things at hand, bank accounts or ticket bookings.


20. Use body language

When you have a language barrier, Don't shout in your native language, so you don't get sent to the far and away for a long time. Instead,, Use your body. It is the most international language in the world. And don't forget to translate your request for help with a smile.


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