Ancient abandoned cities-puzzles

16 Декабрь, 2013


San Zhi, Taiwan.

7. San Zhi, Taiwan

Taiwan's government has subsidized the construction of futuristic cocoons for use as summer villas for the rich in 1978 Year, But investment in fixed assets for the project disappeared before the end of its construction. Company, built these objects, Went bankrupt. Many believe, that this land was cursed.


8. Isle of Deception (Deception), Antarctica

Isle of Deception. Antarctica. Photo: Liam quinn.

The usual parking lot during Antarctic sailings in Deseptwast was a popular destination for scientific outposts, until several volcanic eruptions destroyed the base in the 1960s. Today you can see her remains., and take a dip in hot springs.


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9. Krako, Basilicata, Italy

Cities abandoned by people: Krako / Craco, Basilicata. Photo: Andrea Tomassi.



Greeks settled in The City of Krako / Craco's 540 BC. There was a prison here., University and Square. But disaster, poor agricultural conditions and earthquakes have done their job. The city became uninhabited between 1959 and 1972 due to devastating landslides. It remains empty to this day, but played the background in several famous films.


10. Shicheng, China – underwater city

Shicheng, China. Photo: Nihaopaul, Source: Wikicomons.

Шиченг / Shicheng – or «City of Leo» – was submerged in Lake quindao / China's ziandao 1959 year during the construction of the hydroelectric power plant on the Hin-an River. The whole city is under water. He's about to 1400 Years, and it's like a time capsule of ancient China.



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