Hospitality – which sector is promising?

21 Октябрь, 2013


Many experts believe, that the volumes of the hotel market reach billions of dollars, after the crisis is over and now there is, where to turn. All this means, that in front of the growth and development of very good prospects. Such as the hospitality industry is again becoming popular.

Development of hotel business happens not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but at the same time in other cities, that are located in the resort area. In other words, This business is becoming popular in all regions of Russia. Of course, business differs – in Moscow the prospects are more pronounced, and in more developed regions have received small hotels and hostels.



Quite different is the case with Europe. There is shortage of moderate class hotels – but very many premium and luxury hotels. One thousand residents accounted for more 3000 Hotel rooms, and this does not meet the demands and requirements of time, as a tourist in need of site accommodation, and not in a castle or Museum, on that most resemble Hotels Europe. Of course, There are exceptions, Howhotels in the Czech Republic 3 stars or hotels in Berlin.

But let's get back to Russia, that started the adoption of programmes, providing certain benefits to taxpayers and consideration of solutions to problems with selection of buildings for different otelero. Attractive such a business becomes and for investors, however, they are interested in untwisted projects, than in those, that nothing so far from themselves do not represent.

In some regions of Russia, as Ufa, There is no hotel, which would have worked under the famous brand, not even foreign operators. This affects profitability. It also affects the location of hotels, number of rooms, staff number, etc.. There is a city, where hospitality has shown a significant increase in profitability. Some experts link such processes of active business, as well as, that have been actively carried out major events. As for the players in the hotel market, they are considered, that the yield will increase, as the number of rooms.

If you pay attention to the hotels in Astana, the prices will surprise you pretty much. Fact, that is dominated by economy class hotels for tourists, who want to save on travel. And while it's not the trend in the region, and the total market, even resort towns, of large cities. All investors has recently bet on economy class hotels or even a mini-hotels. Thus the owner receives a guarantee, that an individual will come here again and again.

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