How to speed up passage through airport security in record time

28 November, 2013


You can speed up the passage through airport security thanks to these tips.

Want to believe, want to no, but there's a perfect system for that, to go through the airport security line in the blink of an eye.

This requires careful planning and a random improvisation, but time, spent standing in the queue can be reduced significantly.

Here's tips, you need to know, before you go on inspection, in accordance with the website

Before, How to go to the line inspection:

1. Put on your jacket

Yes, even if it's hot. You can easily hide all your little things, such as your keys, phone and wallet, in the pockets of the jacket and put it on the tray, but, as soon as it passes through a security system can be all the dribs and drabs of jacket back into your wallet, If you want to. This means less loose items in tray, and reducing the risk of losing something. Bonus: it won't let you freeze, if the flight will be cool.



2. Keep your plane ticket and passport in your pocket – So, they will be easy to find.

3. Carefully consider your shoe.

Put on the shoes, that can be easily removed and put. You can always keep a second pair of shoes in a bag hand luggage and put on her, Once you have passed security system.

4. Keep a notebook in a convenient location.

put it in a separate pocket in the bag, or make sure, that you know exactly, where is it located, otherwise you can hold yourself and your turn, while trying to find him.

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