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19 October, 2013


The most incredible invention (and agree with this opinion almost all) over the last century - it's a movie. We all got a chance to learn the secrets of the past, look into the unreal world of the future, not to mention the events of the day. Lumiere brothers helped us to see the world, how they see its great masters of cinematography - Alexander Dovzhenko, Andrei Tarkovsky, Леонид Гайдай, Steven Spielberg, Frэnsis Ford Koppola, Martin Scorsese and many others.

With the invention of the internet, we can . Now you won't even find such a place, where there would be no way to connect with social networks. Houses, café, Offices – the World Wide Web is everywhere. It's nice to spend time with your family or friends watching an interesting movie and not waste your time going to the cinema, purchase of tickets, etc.

Comedy "Paulette" ( shot by the young director Jérôme Enrico. He showed the viewer, that "magical" Paris may not be "magical" – dirty streets, drugs, Social and Racial Issues, poor neighborhoods and much more. The plot of the film is very unusual: Senior woman, Faced with Material Problems, solves them in an extremely unusual way – to become a successful drug dealer. Great French humor with constant banter and excellent acting make the film easy, Cheerful. Paulette is a funny French comedy, which is suitable for family viewing, But at the same time, it raises many painful problems, such as drug trafficking and racism.



And the historical drama "The Match" (, released in 2011 Year, showed it to the whole world, how can you love your Motherland?, How to Protect Your Honor and Dignity. The film is based on the real events of the match between the team of Soviet football players "Start" and the team of Wehrmacht soldiers in 1942 in occupied Kyiv. Looking at what's happening on the screen, Involuntarily, a lump in the throat and tears wells up in the eyes – young guys, Athletes, They knowingly go to their death, If only everyone could see it, that the Germans need not be feared and even defeated. It's a tough one, Psychological Drama, the likes of which are so lacking in the modern world of cinema, Teaching Patriotism, Courage, willpower and kindness. Director Andrey Malyukov is known for his ability to shoot real patriotic films. And this film of his turned out to be worthy and emotional.

The adventurous comedy Roulette Kings is also based on real events. This is the true story of the Spanish Pelayo clan – unsurpassed card and roulette players. These masters of gambling honestly beat casinos in various countries for huge sums and earned, So, Decent Condition. Their Method of Playing, Although it attracted the attention of casino managers, But it was legal and brought positive results to the heroes – a win. For those, Who loves films of this genre, is a wonderful gift from Spanish filmmakers.

Watch New Movies Online 2013 years for free – it is to be aware of all the novelties of cinema. New films from film festivals can be watched at home, on a comfortable sofa, over a cup of fragrant tea. The modern world of cinema pleases us with a variety of films of various genres. What to see, of course, we always choose for yourself, and expect these films something unusual, incredible and exciting.

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