Новые исследования показывают широкую распространенность поддельных отзывов об отелях

12 November, 2013


The most recent sample studies show, that user-generated content, can't always be trusted.

Fake hotel reviews are becoming more common and travelers should not rely on user-generated content, says in the study, published today on the Australian choice.com.au website, specializing in reviews of the choice of various household appliances and electronics.

«Boom in recall sites has spawned the practice of artificial propaganda (Astroturfing) or writing fake reviews from companies to promote their own housing», says The Head of Media Choys Tom Godfrey.



In the U.S., in New York, the Attorney-General recently imposed heavy fines on 19 Companies, who wrote fake reviews online and created fake online profiles to promote their business.

Although the rate of appearance of fake reviews has recently increased, people still trust user content more, than editorial content, Advertising, marketing and websites of government travel companies.

According to the Chois study, in review, published on the world's largest Internet portal TripAdvisor / TripAdvisor will not make any changes without serious verification.

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