User content on the hotels are not always to be trusted

12 Ноябрь, 2013


Website for «Media Choice "contacted Expedia / Expedia australia, but didn't get any constructive answers to any of their questions.

Chois also contacted popular online publications such as Travelocity, Orbitz and

And only public relations representative Taylor Cole responded and said: «After that, how the journey is complete, we send guests a link, so they can write a review. So there is no reason not to trust this information».

In February 2012 TripAdvisor in the UK was forced to give up heading, such as «Reviews, trusted" and "Best trusted travel hotels» on its website. Australian version of the site, However, until it's going to follow the same path.

Media Choys study author gives the following tips for identifying fake reviews:



Check reviews of the same business from a variety of sources.

Watch out for the obvious signs of forgery, such as a sharp increase in positive or negative reviews over a short period of time, that are out of sync with earlier reviews.

Beware of reviews, которые якобы от разных людей, но подозрительно похожи по тону и стилю.

• К однозвездочному рейтингу рецензента для пятизвездочного отеля, следует относиться с подозрением.

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