Путешественники, которые получают авиабилеты с неправильным собственным именем, теряют миллиарды

15 November, 2013


"Oh no, I can't believe, that I recorded my name incorrectly."

According to the latest data from major European airline ticket site tix.nl, Statistics, One of the 100 people get the wrong spelling of his surname, or name when ordering international air ticket, that leads to the loss of billions worldwide. With three billion passengers of international airlines in the year, one percent errors, leads to loss of equal amount 4,5 billion globally.

So how does, one percent of the people gets a ticket with erroneous, According to the airlines, data? Most airlines require that you specify your exact first and last name, in accordance with your Passport. Maiden names or abbreviated names usually are not accepted. Typos – also, Another common mistake.

Restrictions for international flight, Usually, more stringent compared to domestic flights, While most airlines blamed passengers in change of name. Some airlines, including Turkish Airlines / Turkish Airlines, do not allow any changes in the names of, by no name, and require, book a new ticket.



Standard average price of replacing the name on the ticket is $ 160, but can vary substantially between airlines. There are cases, When a passenger has a name too long, not included in ticket, in this case, the ticket can be added comments, to draw attention to the short name or name will just reduced. There is no global standard to limit the maximum number of characters in a plane ticket.

Another problem is, When on the same flight are two people with the same surname and name. You might think, that this problem will be easily solved, but some airlines you must change one of the names, two passengers can fly.

We are not sure, how we feel, as someone else in the air …


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