Пять древних памятников, которые исчезают, Part 2

15 Февраль, 2014


The Ancient Temple of Epicurus Apollo.

2. Храм Эпикура Аполлона, Эйра, Greece

The Temple of Epicurus Apollo was dedicated to Apollo after locals survived the deadly epidemics, who have hit this area. It is located in a hilly area in Greece, At about the height 1131 m above sea level.

Meteorologist Jim Andrews noted, A what «Peloponnese Peninsula (located near mainland Greece) is relatively wet spot due to the surrounding mountains. Temperatures in winter, due to the Mediterranean climate, do not come here very low, in spite of the fact, that Greece is at the latitude of, similar to Boston in Massachusetts, in the United States».



Built in 420-400 gg. BC. construction, Archaeologists have found water, located in the pores of marble, and during the rare occasions, lower temperatures, sometimes achievable in the Mediterranean, water freezes and expands, breaks the original design of an ancient temple.

«This monument is located near the highest point of the peninsula, and when lifting height, the temperature drops. In January alone, the area receives half the average rainfall per month, so this place, where precipitation play a role», said Andrews, Referring to water entering the local limestone.

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