Five endangered world heritage sites, Part 3

15 February, 2014


Majestic Ulysses Grand Memorial.

3. Ulysses Grand Memorial (Washington, District of Colombia)

Ulysses s. Grant Memorial is located across the street from the Capitol building and is a shining example of negative effects, which acid rain have on bronze. Bronze is a metal mainly consisting of copper and a small amount of Tin and doesn't like acid.

Izvestnyjuchenyj meteorologist from United States, Jim Andrews notes:

«Carbonic acid naturally present in sediments and reacts with copper, making these green spots on the statue. The proposed relocation of the monument further South won't help. Chemical attacks there will be faster, due to higher seasonal temperatures. Higher temperatures accelerate the weathering and damage».

The National Park Service, at least once a year, deals on wax, to protect and preserve the metal as worn a cloak, to protect yourself from getting wet.

4. The Statue Of Liberty, New York

Statue of liberty suffered serious natural weathering.



The statue of liberty stands against the backdrop of the Hudson River. The monument was originally a gift, transferred to America from France in recognition of the friendship established during the American Revolution», How to read a record, stored in the National Park Service United States (NPS).

After many years of exposure to atmospheric phenomena, The statue of liberty has experienced serious amounts of natural weathering. All the details, made of copper, for many years the rains has evolved from a once-bronze green.

«Copper reacts with oxygen, as a result of which is in the process of carbonization. Ordinary rainwater reacts with copper and humidity dissolves it. Water itself becomes a reagent in direct contact with the metal», said Andrews.

Green color appears through chemical reactions between water and metal.

Additional pollutants in the air can also speed up the process of chemical reaction. Associated with weather renovation was made in 1937 Year, because water seeped into the database, and care for these years defended the statue from further weathering.

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