Five Secrets, that's good to know travellers

20 November, 2013


Traveler Assistant / TravelMate

Here is one of the best services for domestic tourists. TravelMate is a new online travel planning tool, which will help you organize a trip for you from the beginning to your destination. Want to go from Sydney to Broome? Add your data and TravelMate will generate a list of alternative routes and timetables for you. And if you want to go on a detour, just update your journey, to obtain an updated route. From New Zealand to Asian countries, everywhere you support TravelMate way, that has never been so easy to get off the beaten path.

Turkaster / Tourcaster

There is nothing better, than local guide, that can help you navigate in tourist traps, and help find the true gems in a strange city. Tourcaster gives you access to a local podcast database and downloadable audio guides according to your destination purpose and interests. This guide has audio guides for every taste – from the leading tour of Cape Cod, walking tours in Barcelona's Gothic quarter.



Road map / Pintrip

The biggest and best search engine of air tickets, Pintrip is an extension of Google Chrome, which assumes the responsibility to find the best price for your next trip abroad. Enter the suggested destination itinerary and Pintrip will search for the best aggregator sites on the web for your trip. The best part is, You can configure alerts for journey for your departure and destination, and Pintrip will send an email notification, When a float corresponding closeouts. Supported browsers Safari and Firefox.

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